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Offline Methods Work Great

I have been telling people this and living by this rule for as long as I have been on the Internet: If you ignore your offline market you are losing up to half of your sales.

I have proof of this too. Every day I check my stats I find strong evidence of people who have found my site because of some of my offline marketing techniques. Those are similar to press releases, such as this one about corsi Lightwave published on a popular web press release service.

How can I tell. I code my offline advertising different. I simply send people to a specific URL on my site that tells me they viewed and obviously responded somewhat to one of my offline ads. Not only is it important to advertise offline, it is also important to track your offline stats.

What you do and to what degree you advertise offline is up to you. You might not want to take an aggressive approach. You might want to try to be on autopilot as much as possible with just Internet strategies, but in my experience offline advertising has helped me quite a bit.