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New Blue Ribbon Home Page

Somehow, I think you may have realized this is the home page. After all, the title says so. And let me give you a warm welcome to the Home Page, just to put in a bit of the '90s web.

New Blue Ribbon is a playground for webdesign experiments and its minimal interface is mostly due to my passion towards lo fi web design. Despite that, I think the CSS should be shaved quite a bit from the current 892 bytes and the same holds true for the micro CMS this site runs under.

I mean, even if it includes comments we'r still talking about 8.63Kb of php code: way too much. If a website can't fit in the size of a windows icon I'm out. Unless it's a flashy (no pun intended) video site, such as Video Corsi After Effects that provides After Effects training in italian language or one of the articles about storia degli effetti speciali, special visual effects (vfx) and digital cinema.

In the future this is going to be a richer site, with a proper CMS (aka Wordpress) and proper webdesign. But for now, it really should be called NewBlueRibbon LABS - as I keep experimenting bandwidth reduction tricks and tweak the micro CMS.

BTW, there's a bunch of not-too-shabby articles here. Have a look at them, maybe you'll like those on web design and marketing, or the SEO articles. Above all, have fun.